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Important Site Update

[b][color=#3d85c6]Enline[/color]'s Future[/b][size=100]Enline has existed for around 11 months at this point, and it has gotten a small amount of users, and very little activity. The reason I'm writing this is because the domain renewal charge will be coming soon, and I want to know if it's worth it to renew it. The site costs me nothing to run, but the domain costs money, and I don't want to spend it if nobody actually uses the site. [/size][size=150][b]If nobody uses the site anymore, then I will let the domain lapse and it will no longer exist. [/b][/size][size=100]So what I'm wanting to know is if anyone uses the site, or if it's fine if it fades silently into history without any active users. [b]If 3 people reply to this and ask for the site to continue existing, then I will renew the domain. Otherwise, it will not exist in a month[/b]. What will I do if the site shuts down? I will most likely release the source code for it, and allow anyone free access to it. The site's full database will not be released, but I'll probably create a sanitized version of it without personal information if anyone wants it. Of course, that depends on whether anyone wants it or not, so time will tell. If this is the end of the site, then cheers! I hope some people were able to get enjoyment out of it.[/size]
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shit I guess I do have to renew the domain

do not shutdown but PLEASE add bands

do not shutdown but PLEASE add bands

dont shit down

Do not shutdown

left my wallet in el segundo

If you want to talk to me, you can join the site's Discord, which is linked on the homepage. That will exist after the site is gone, mostly for basic communication about getting the site's data, etc. Or if people still want to chat. I don't really care.